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Approved Modalities
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Current list of Modalities welcomed for Membership with the IICT and approved by BMS Insurance - for Australia and New Zealand*

Note: Not all modalities listed on this website are approved by our New Zealand insurer. Please confirm modalities by contacting BMS by clicking here

There are 142 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
California Flowers
Callanetics Exercise Method
Canine Body Therapy
Canine Myofunctional Therapy
Canine Rehabilitation
Canine Remedial Massage
Canine Touch
Cantienica - Pelvic Floor Training
Cardiovascular Equipment
Case Management
Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT)
Cat Training
Celluloid Mineral therapy
Chair Yoga
Chairs – Movement Intelligence
Chakra and Aura Therapy
Chakra Balance - Relax.Nurture.Inspire
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Cards
Chakra energy massage
Chakra Puncture
Change Your Age
Chapmans Reflexes
Chavutti Thai Massage
Chavutti Thirumal
Chemical Peels
Chi Kung Massage
Chi Kung Qi Gong
Chi Moves
Chi Nei Tsang
Chi Reflexology
Chi Running
Chi Walking
Chi-Acupressure Massage
Childbirth Education/Educators
Children's Trainer
Children’s Relaxation – Growing Gurus
Children’s Spiritual Educator
Childrens' Wellbeing Courses
Chill Skills for Kids
Chilled Rock Massage
Chinese Acupressure
Chinese Astrology
Chinese Herbal Dispensing
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese Massage
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Nutrition
Chios Energy Healing
Chiron Healing
Circle Facilitator
Circular Breath
Citric Peel
Clinical Camouflage Make-up
Clinical Ecology
Clinical Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Clinical Laser Therapy non thermal
Clinical Somatic Education
Coffee/ Tea reading (Tasseography)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Cold Stone Massage
Collagen Facial
Colonic Hydrotherapy / Irrigation
Colour Coaching
Colour Reflexology
Colour Therapy
Compassionate Touch Training
Complementary Health Therapist
Complete Family Healing Advanced Quantum Healing
Complete Family Healing Back Pain Relief Yoga
Complete Family Healing Face Lift Yoga
Complete Family Healing Hot Spot Body Rock
Complete Family Healing Human Bioscience
Complete Family Healing Natural Face Lift Massage
Complete Family Healing Natural Family Healing
Complete Family Healing Quantum Healing
Complete Family Healing Tummy Tuck Yoga
Complete Family Healing Voice and Sound Healing
Complete Family Healing Wrinkle Reduction Massage
Complex Lymphatic Drainage
Complex Lymphatic Therapy
Compression Wrap
Concomitant Healing
Conflict Coaching
Connected Kids
Connected Riding
Connective Tissue
Conscious Uncoupling Coaching
Consciousness Coaching
Coral Essences
Core Energetics
Core Energetix System
Core for Life Educator
Corrective Exercises
Cosmetic Tattooing
Counselling - Financial other than work requiring fin serv. Licence
Counselling - Progressive
Counselling - Supervision
Counselling- On-line
CPT Complex Physical Therapy
Cranial Electronics Point Holding
Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Visceral Therapy
Creative Arts & Storyteller
Creative Mindfulness
CREATRIX® Transformology®
Cross Fibre Mobilisation
Crystal Attunement Healing
Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Energy Healing
Crystal Gridding Practitioner
Crystal Healing/Therapy
Crystal Light Bed Therapy
Crystal Light Healing
Crystal O Therapy (Crystal Awareness)
Crystal Power Healing
Crystal Ray Healing Advanced
Crystal Ray Healing Foundation
Crystal Ray Master Healer
Crystal Reading
Crystal Remote Viewing
Crystal Resonance Healing
Crystal Skull
Crystal Sound Therapy
Crystal Stone Facial Massage
CTC-Combined Therapy Cocktail
Cuddle Therapy
Cure For Life Educator
CVT Crystal Vibrational Therapy
Cycloid Vibration Therapy

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