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Approved Modalities
for Membership & Insurance

Current list of Modalities welcomed for Membership with the IICT and approved by BMS Insurance - for Australia and New Zealand*

Note: Not all modalities listed on this website are approved by our New Zealand insurer. Please confirm modalities by contacting BMS by clicking here

There are 34 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
Garuda Matwork
Gas Discharge Visualisation GDV Camera
Gel Nails
Gem Essences
Genetic Counselling
Genome Healing
Geolight Healing Remedies
Gestalt Therapy
Gitananda Yoga
Glacial Shell Massage
Glycolic Facial
Glycolic Peel
Goals Coach
Goddess for Life Coach
Goddess Massage
Gokhale Method
Golden Woman Facilitation
Gong Training
Green Peel
Grief Counselling
Griva Basti
Group Counselling
Group Exercise Freestyle
Group Voice Therapy
Group Work Group Counselling
Gym Instructor
Gyratory Massage
Gyrotonic/ Gyrokinesis

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