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Approved Modalities
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Current list of Modalities welcomed for Membership with the IICT and approved by BMS Insurance - for Australia and New Zealand*

Note: Not all modalities listed on this website are approved by our New Zealand insurer. Please confirm modalities by contacting BMS by clicking here

There are 87 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
H.E.C. Equine Sports Science
H.E.C. Remedial therapy
Hado Healing
Hado R Machine/Device
Hahnemann Healing
Hair Extensions
Hakomi Massage
Halo Therapy
Harmony Me Healing
Hasta Shodhan - Ayurvedic Manicure
Hasya Yoga Laughter Yoga
Hatchards Way
Hatha Yoga
Havening Techniques ®
Heal Your Life
Healing Dance
Healing Touch Practitioner
Health & Wellbeing Coaching For Sports People – Cadence Health
Health & Wellbeing Coaching For Sports People – Cadence Health ™
Health and Nutrition Coach
Health and Wellbeing
Health Coach
Health Coach - Integrative Nutrition
Health Counsellor
Heart Activation Music Therapy
Heart Energetics
Heart Resonance Therapy
Heart Touch
Heartfelt Nurturing
Heller Work
Hemaview Live Blood Analysis
Henna Tattoo
Herbal Dispenser
Herbal Medicine for Dogs & Cats
Herbal Medicine for Horses
Herbalism/ Herbal Medicine
Hexagram of Balance
High Frequency Current
Hijama Cupping Therapy
Hoffman Massage
Holistic Alignment
Holistic Animal Healing
Holistic Back Practitioner
Holistic Beauty and Wellbeing Therapy
Holistic Coaching for Quality of Life
Holistic Counselling
Holistic Drug and Alcohol Counselling
Holistic Energy Care
Holistic Equine Remedial Therapy
Holistic Healing
Holistic Health Coach
Holistic Health Therapist Health & Harmony
Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner
Holistic Massage
Holistic Pain Management
Holistic Pelvic Care
Holistic Pulsing
Holistic Sleep Therapy
Holographic Kinetics
Holographic Repatterning / Resonance Repatterning
Horse Agility
Horse Muscle Care
Horstmann Technique
Horticulture Therapy
Hoshino Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Minerial Therapy
Hot Stone Reflexology with Meridian Balancing
Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Yoga
How to get a Bigger Bite out of Life
Human Development
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Humanimal Touch
Hydration Facial
Hydrotherm Massage System
Hyperbaric Chamber - Oxygen

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