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Approved Modalities
for Membership & Insurance

Current list of Modalities welcomed for Membership with the IICT and approved by BMS Insurance - for Australia and New Zealand*

Note: Not all modalities listed on this website are approved by our New Zealand insurer. Please confirm modalities by contacting BMS by clicking here

There are 29 names in this directory beginning with the letter O.
Occupational Health Safety & Ergonomics
Occupational Therapy
Oceanic Body Work
Older Adults Trainer
Oncology Massage
Oneness Oneness Blessing
Onsen Technique
Ontological Coaching
Oracle Card Reading
Orb of Life
Oriental Massage
Oriental Remedial Therapy
Oriental Therapies
Orientation & Mobility
OriginalLevel System of Reiki
Orion /EQ/Listen Assessment
Orion Healing Technique
OSHO Craniosacral
OSHO Meditation Instruction
OSHO Multiversity Modalities
OSHO Neo-Reiki
OSHO Rebalancing
Oxygen Facial
Oxygen treatment
Ozone Therapy

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