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New Modality Application

Professional recognition for your modality

Eligibility for IICT insurance upon approval

International modality recognition in 27 countries*

Adding a new modality is a benefit reserved for IICT Training Providers.

New Modality applications are ideal if you have pioneered a new modality and are teaching practitioner level courses or if the modality you’re teaching isn’t on our existing list of approved modalities.

To learn more about becoming a Training Provider click here. If you are an existing Training Provider and would like to submit a new modality application please email us at


What is a new modality?

A new modality is an existing modality that is not currently recognised by IICT for professional membership and insurance or a modality that you have pioneered.

You can view our current approved modalities list by region below: 

Australia / New Zealand 


United Kingdom 

United States


Who can apply to add a new modality?

You can apply to add a new modality if you are a Pioneer, Approved or Premier Training Provider with IICT. Learn more here.

If you are a practitioner of a new modality, please contact your educator and ask them to apply with IICT.

Does IICT require or approve Continuing Education or Professional Development courses?

IICT does not require our members to complete Continuing Professional Development/Education courses to maintain their membership and insurance. Therefore it is not necessary for you to submit short courses, CPE courses, or personal development courses for review.  

The best way to determine if your course should be submitted is to ask this question: At the end of my course, will my participants be qualified to enter the marketplace as practitioners in this modality?

Will all of my courses / modalities be approved internationally?

IICT membership is recognised in 27 countries worldwide; however, International modality recognition is subject to approval of regional insurance partners, regulation of ‘protected titles’ (see below), and regional/state training requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of any License(s), Registration(s), and regional/state training requirements in the countries/regions in which you are teaching courses. 

Below is a list of all 27 countries that IICT currently operates in:

UK and Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Latvia
Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man,

South Africa (covered under the EU/UK insurer)

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

United States

Canada: Please note that Canada is not currently accepting new modality applications. Please contact us for special considerations.

What is a protected title?

By law, there are specific titles which are referred to as ‘protected titles’. This means that only those people who are registered, or endorsed, in a particular profession can use the titles associated with that profession. This may require the practitioner to obtain Licensing and or Registrations required by a regulatory authority. This can include, but is not limited to natural therapy professions such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Massage, Art Therapy, Dietician, Psychotherapy, and Counselling.

Furthermore, it may be illegal for a practitioner to use a symbol, word, or description which could be reasonably understood to indicate that an individual is a health practitioner or qualified to practice in a registered health profession. In Australia, this is referred to as ‘holding out.’

Protected titles vary by country, and in some cases by state. For example, each state in Canada and the United States have their own specific occupational regulations. HERE is a list of protected titles in Australia. If you have further questions please contact AHPRA at 1 300 419 495. 

As a Training Provider, you warrant to IICT that as part of your approval you are aware of any Licenses and/or Registrations required by law in the regions whereby you are teaching your courses. You must obtain and maintain and must ensure that every person employed or engaged by you to facilitate the provision of services/modalities holds any and all valid License(s) and/or Registration(s) required by any regulatory authority within the region or territory in which you/they practice and completes as required by any regulations such course(s) of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as are required for the renewal and continued validity of such License(s) and Registration(s).

What happens if my modality is not approved in a specific region?

If your modality is not approved with one of IICT’s insurance partners, you can still teach your course in that country/region. Your students will just need to find their own insurance in that country or you can recommend a provider for them. 

If your modality is not approved in your preferred region you can request a full refund within 14 days. 

Does IICT approve course levels such as Practitioner, Master, and Teacher?

IICT only approves the modality. Therefore if someone meets the minimum requirement to be a practitioner they will be approved for professional membership and insurance. 

Any additional training that a student undertakes would be covered under ‘scope of practice.’

Your Modality Approved Or We Will Refund 100% of Your Money Back!

If for any reason your new modality is not approved we will refund your application fee in full. That’s zero risk and no questions asked.

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