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What’s involved?

We are a team of 10.

You will have a comprehensive handover from our departing system specialist and will also receive one to one training from our General Manager and friendly team.

Systems Analyst – Role Description


The following roles and duties should be viewed as minimum requirements:  

  • Be the key liaison between IICT and external providers in relation to business systems
  • Prepare and regularly update staff training materials for all administration systems and process
  • Keep existing staff up to date with workflow and systems changes (run workshop sessions where necessary)
  • Action or facilitate necessary changes to systems hardware and software
  • Troubleshoot technical or systems related problems as they arise
  • Enlist the help of external providers if necessary (post-approval by the General Manager)
  • Support the day to day work of the admin team as and when needed, or directed, by the General Manager.
  • Support the onboarding of new staff by training them on system requirements.
  • Attend and contribute to leadership meetings


  • Very strong knowledge of office management and business systems, member platforms (CRM) and procedures. Our systems include Joomla, Word Press, Zoho, HubSpot, Office 365 and SQL.
  • Very strong general IT knowledge with specific data management skills using Excel and SQL. Confident investigating and troubleshooting issues as they arise
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritise work
  • Very strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to develop excellent working relationships with third-party providers
  • Teamwork, discretion, and patience

Work Days and Hours:

ONLY 4 days per week. 9am-5pm.

We believe everyone should take a day off in the work-week. We know we will get more from you when you’re rested and relaxed.
We will discuss which day off suits best with you and the team at your interview.

Conditions for the Position and Pay rate:

$30p/h with opportunities to grow based on an outstanding performance.

If you are selected for an interview and we are happy, you will be given a 2 week paid trial.
After 2 weeks (and provided you are suitable for the position), you will be awarded a full-time position which includes: Super, Paid leave and a Contractual workplace agreement.

Note: We require a minimum 12-month commitment as part of your workplace agreement and 6 weeks’ notice, should you wish to give notice.

Who should apply?

As we are looking for a long term team member, only current Australian residents should apply.

We Invest in Our People

In addition to being on-boarded in a comprehensive manner, you will be accessed for culture fit by undergoing our behaviour based questionnaire. This involves answering a series of questions that will help us to determine how you’ll integrate with our team.

We will also provide you with continued education to make you a better you, both within the business and in your life. Expect access to audio and reading materials to enhance your performance.

We aim to help you bring out the best in yourself and our people.  We will provide you with tools to further your experience and interpersonal skills so working as a team is truly experienced.


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