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We’re a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists working in 1,100+ modalities.

We help you save time and money on your insurance and provide professional recognition and credibility for natural therapists who practise multiple modalities.

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We are therapists just like you


Access affordable membership to boost your professional credibility.


Save time and money. We’ve negotiated the industry’s most competitively-priced combined insurance for your business.


Join our thriving community of 10,000+ natural therapists and connect with like-minded professionals from over 1,100 different modalities.


Grow your business and stay abreast of changing industry regulations and compliance requirements through our membership tools and support.

Get All Your Modalities Covered Or Triple Your Money Back*

If for any reason all your Complementary Therapy modalities are not covered, or your insurance is not approved, we will cheerfully refund Triple Your Money Back*. That’s zero risk for you and no questions asked.


I’m a Student and Studying

Access a tailored IICT student membership and insurance package at discount rates.


I’m a Qualified Practitioner

Access IICT professional and executive membership options and for member-only insurance rates.


I Run a Training Organisation

Access the professional recognition educators and training bodies need to bring their modality to market.

Wherever you are on your Journey

We are here to help

Whether you’re a student just starting out, a qualified practitioner offering complementary therapies, or a training organisation educating the next generation of natural therapy providers, you can rely on IICT to provide the credibility and cover you’d expect from an international professional body.

We help students just starting out; qualified practitioners offering complementary therapies and training providers educating the next generation of therapists.

Where ever you are on your journey, IICT gives you credibility and the right insurance cover to protect your business.


Boost your credibility

Showcase your professional affiliation
with IICT’s member seals and internationally recognised certificate

Give your customers peace of mind and assurance they are seeking that your qualifications are recognised by IICT’s international professional industry body

What Modality do you Practice?

Find an affordable membership & insurance package for your modality.

Practice multiple modalities?

Get all your modalities covered with one membership & insurance package – over 1,100+ therapies recognised!

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Member Reviews

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  • positive review I am a reverend in the International metaphysical ministry and work as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Ashati Healing Practitioner also.
    IICT is a good company to be recognised with as we push towards wider acceptance of our philosophy and healing modalities. I feel confident that informing my clients I am certified with IICT I gain trust more readily and with ease and grace. It puts my clients at ease and they know i have the qualifications to give them a good service.
    I would highly recommend registering your services with IICT to anyone working in Metaphysics or Healing.

    Sandie Christopher Stargazer Avatar
    Sandie Christopher Stargazer
  • positive review I was so happy IICT approved the Integrative health practitioner institute as part of there modalities, very grateful to be apart of IICT, I look forward to learning more about IICT as I endeavour on my business journey and becoming apart of the community. It is also great to see such a range of modalities available which will suit me if I advance my skills in complementary therapies. Thankyou

    Joanna Daly Avatar
    Joanna Daly
  • positive review Thanks to IICT, i am so greatful for being a part and member of this community and association. They are really helpful, reliable and always there when you need advice or to ask questions. Strongly recommended for everyone! 😊🙏

    Huy Quach Avatar
    Huy Quach
  • positive review One of my first associations since qualifying in my short therapeutic massage course. Their customer service is easy to access. They are always pleasant, helpful and even go over and above offering some solid advice and information. When I first joined, it was great to know they were affiliated with a reputable insurance, offering good coverage, discounts and even legal advice. Made my start up so simple and stress free.

    Sophie Kortikis Avatar
    Sophie Kortikis
  • positive review very professional, easy to sign up once you have sent your qualifications. lots of online help for us.

    Kimberley Vaughan Avatar
    Kimberley Vaughan
  • positive review Great customer service with a huge variety of modalities covered for insurance. Impressed so far! Thanks IICT for creating such an inclusive organisation.

    Chantal Thenberg Avatar
    Chantal Thenberg
  • positive review i am so greatful for finding IICT! helped me with getting insurance and thanks to being a part of this community i've got so many ideas of how to grow my bussiness. information is golden and there is an incredible amount of information in the community. thank you🙏

    Uyazi Azi Avatar
    Uyazi Azi
  • positive review I've been a member for years and love the Institute. They offer affordable membership that covered all of the modalities that I practised and I was able to save a few hundred $$$. I love how they focus on serving the industry authentically and genuinely.

    Theresa M Fitzgerald Avatar
    Theresa M Fitzgerald
  • positive review An easy registration process and useful tools for my business. I’m happy to be a member of this organisation. Thank you.

    Yolanda De Assis Avatar
    Yolanda De Assis
  • positive review Thanks to IICT, therapists who completed my courses can join IICT and get insured to provide their services safely and professionally.

    Yoshi Asahara Avatar
    Yoshi Asahara
  • positive review they were easy to contact ..straight forward and helpful with insurances and gave me peace of mind when I began my new business in NZ as a Foot Health Practitioner ..

    Angie Ward Avatar
    Angie Ward
  • positive review When I was first starting out on my career change IICT gave me the security of knowing I had the backing of a professional organisation as well as security for my clients.
    I have no hesitation recommending IICT.

    Shelley Murphy Avatar
    Shelley Murphy
  • positive review I recommend IICT because they were the only one who had cover for what I specifically was looking for and for so many different modalities.

    Sharon Albuquerque Avatar
    Sharon Albuquerque
  • positive review As a new member I am happy to know that I am recognised world wide. Rates for membership and insurance are responsible.

    Leanne Oldham Avatar
    Leanne Oldham
  • positive review IICT is a great professional body responsiveness to their members needs. Very helpful and an excellent organisation for those with multiple modalities. Great customer service, reasonable rates with access to affordable insurance.

    Michelle Rankin Avatar
    Michelle Rankin

IICT has helped 1000’s of Natural Therapy Practitioners around the world
with support and access to our member benefits.

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