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Professional Membership and Insurance for Every Natural Therapist

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We’re a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists working in 1,100+ modalities.

We help you save time and money on your insurance and provide professional recognition and credibility for natural therapists who practise multiple modalities.

Ways We Can Help

We are therapists just like you


Access affordable membership to boost your professional credibility.


Save time and money. We’ve negotiated the industry’s most competitively-priced combined insurance for your business.


Join our thriving community of 10,000+ natural therapists and connect with like-minded professionals from over 1,100 different modalities.


Grow your business and stay abreast of changing industry regulations and compliance requirements through our membership tools and support.

Member Reviews

Don’t take our word for it!

  • I recently joined with IICT and have been very happy with the level of service and professionalism I have received.
    My enquiries were answered quickly and I love the wide range of modalities that IICT covers. Perfect for anyone in Natural Health and complementary therapies.

    Denise Lafèbre Avatar
    Denise Lafèbre
  • IICT have been so professional in assisting me with Insurance cover for my business needs. They were only to happy to discuss the requirements and make recommendations that were affordable. Thank you IICT you are highly recommended by Synergy Canine Wellness and Training.👍😃🐾🐾🐾

    Chrissy Mac Avatar
    Chrissy Mac
  • I would like to thank IICT - you have provided me with a brilliant membership, insurance cover & policy and a very supportive platform and customer service team, to name only a few. I highly recommend you for my business needs. Thank you and here's to many more years together.
    Soulfully Tarot

    Carmen Villa Avatar
    Carmen Villa
  • IICT Is a very diverse and dynamic body bringing together people and the various holistic and complimentary therapies. I feel very privileged to be part of and l look forward to developing and learning more to help people grow and develop, thank you.

    Ryan Andrews Avatar
    Ryan Andrews
  • I recently joined IICT as I like their friendly attitude and straight forward approach to the business of being a complementary therapist. My emails have always been answered promptly and clearly and I received a great discount for my insurance, plus a free marketing ebook. Would definitely recommend them! They ticked all my boxes for a therapists association.

    Tracy Ham Avatar
    Tracy Ham
  • They are friendly and helpful. I got some great tips from their online therapist free download.

    Sara Dessau Lopez Avatar
    Sara Dessau Lopez
  • Great for membership and insurance.
    Excellent communication and support.

    Lisa Dixon Avatar
    Lisa Dixon
  • Being from U.K./ Ireland I found IICT easy to communicate with and helpful with the business I operate and the services I provide. You can ask questions abs simple be yourself and feel supported

    Gavyn Andrews Avatar
    Gavyn Andrews
  • Great service and v good insurance for therapists

    Caron Whaley Avatar
    Caron Whaley
  • The IICT are great to deal with, so friendly and helpful. They made to process of my course being approved really straightforward and clear. I would highly recommend 😃

    Abby Watson Avatar
    Abby Watson
  • I have found IICT great to deal with. Great customer service and quick to respond to enquires. They really are a great community with a wide range of coverage. Access to affordable insurance is amazing also. I highly recommend it for all those in the natural health and therapy space.

    Tina Burt Avatar
    Tina Burt
  • I have been with IICT for almost two years now and have no complaints. They offer a well priced insurance through being a member and are prompt at sorting out any queries or responding to correspondence.

    Heidi Johnson Avatar
    Heidi Johnson
  • Being a member of IICT puts me in a community of very supportive and like minded people.
    This also adds great credibility to my business and has proved to be very resourceful.
    I highly recommend IICT to anybody who may be new to the industry.

    Sammi Scootie Avatar
    Sammi Scootie
  • I was already an IICT member 9 years ago and join in again last year with the increase of zoom consultations. I am a Tarot consultant, Tarosophia (Tarot & the Seven Rays) teacher, counsellor-psychotherapist and healer. IICT allow easy access to insurance, contact with other therapists and like-minded people, a great source of information. Thank you for your support IICT.

    Lama France Avatar
    Lama France
  • IICT is very easy to deal with they are very helpful and have great resources. I would recommend them happily! It is an easy process to join and very affordable as well. 🙏🏼

    Helen Mateljan Avatar
    Helen Mateljan


I’m a Student and Studying

Access a tailored IICT student membership and insurance package at discount rates.


I’m a Qualified Practitioner

Access IICT professional and executive membership options and for member-only insurance rates.


I Run a Training Organisation

Access the professional recognition educators and training bodies need to bring their modality to market.

Wherever you are on your Journey

We are here to help

Whether you’re a student just starting out, a qualified practitioner offering complementary therapies, or a training organisation educating the next generation of natural therapy providers, you can rely on IICT to provide the credibility and cover you’d expect from an international professional body.

We help students just starting out; qualified practitioners offering complementary therapies and training providers educating the next generation of therapists.

Where ever you are on your journey, IICT gives you credibility and the right insurance cover to protect your business.


Boost your credibility

Showcase your professional affiliation
with IICT’s member seals and internationally recognised certificate

Give your customers peace of mind and assurance they are seeking that your qualifications are recognised by IICT’s international professional industry body

What Modality do you Practice?

Find an affordable membership & insurance package for your modality.

Practice multiple modalities?

Get all your modalities covered with one membership & insurance package – over 1,100+ therapies recognised!

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Got Questions about Professional Membership and
Insurance for your Natural Therapy Business?


Get All Your Modalities Covered Or Triple Your Money Back*

If for any reason all your Complementary Therapy modalities are not covered, or your insurance is not approved, we will cheerfully refund Triple Your Money Back*. That’s zero risk for you and no questions asked.

More Member Success Stories

IICT has helped 1000’s of Natural Therapy Practitioners around the world
with support and access to our member benefits.

Hear about some of our successes from our wonderful members above!


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