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*The 'Every Therapist Covered' guarantee is available within 120 days of purchasing an IICT membership. Insurance policies advertised are available through our recommended insurance brokers ‘BMS Group' and is additional to membership fees advertised. Student Membership is $1pa + GST for a total price of $1.10; Full Membership is $179pa + GST for a total price of $196.90; Executive Membership is $199pa + GST for a total price of $218.90; Premier Membership is $299pa + GST for a total price of $328.90. All prices listed on this website are effective from July 27th, 2020. Membership plans purchased prior to this date, are subject to change. All discount coupons are valid for ‘one time use’ and cannot be redeemed for subsequent membership renewals or when re-joining IICT after a membership plan has expired. Only ATPs are eligible to use logos on training certificates.

Member Reviews

Don’t take our word for it!

  • As a new member I have found the IICT to be extremely supportive, informative and professional.

    Tania Murphy Avatar
    Tania Murphy
  • The IICT is awesome! They're a great resource for all complementary Therapists.

    Kevin Michael Wehle Avatar
    Kevin Michael Wehle
  • I've recently swaped my membership over to IICT and the customer service and support has been amazing.

    Karen Mudie Avatar
    Karen Mudie
  • I have found the IICT to be an excellent professional body to be a member of.
    They provide outstanding personal service and I am very happy with my choice to be a member.
    I highly recommend them 🙂

    Dean Upton Avatar
    Dean Upton
  • I have been a member for 18 months. IICT answers all my questions promptly. Great service.

    Cathy Rabbitt Avatar
    Cathy Rabbitt
  • I have been a member of IICT for a while now, I have found the Institute to give great customer service with a huge variety of modalities that are covered for insurance.
    I am very Impressed with the organization and would recommend it to all practitioners.

    Sue Lyness-Munk Avatar
    Sue Lyness-Munk
  • I have my own spiritual business and have been a member of IICT for a while now. Whenever I need assistance I have always been very pleased with the customer service. IICT is very informative and supporting. Being a member gives peace of mind.

    Elizabeth Scarmozzino Avatar
    Elizabeth Scarmozzino
  • Jen from the IICT team took the time to hear my requirements and provided quality feedback from a clearly experienced perspective. Much appreciated 🙂

    Warwicks Massage-Healing Avatar
    Warwicks Massage-Healing
  • Great organization, awesome customer service and very straight forward user friendly services. Would happily recommend IICT.

    Claire Davis Avatar
    Claire Davis
  • As a newly trained Root Cause Therapy Practitioner, IICT was so easy to get my insurance and memberships through. There’s a huge range of like minded healers, being supported, it’s a welcoming community

    Nicole Dean Healy Avatar
    Nicole Dean Healy
  • Very useful resources when you register with them as a therapist. website is very well organized and the team is very friendly and responds quickly if you have any queries about anything.
    the Facebook group is a great idea to promote knowledge, resources and opportunities to be shared amongst such a compassionate and caring community.
    overall, very satisfied and grateful to have come across IICT.

    Ana Bárbara Pereira Avatar
    Ana Bárbara Pereira
  • positive review I am a reverend in the International metaphysical ministry and work as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Ashati Healing Practitioner also.
    IICT is a good company to be recognised with as we push towards wider acceptance of our philosophy and healing modalities. I feel confident that informing my clients I am certified with IICT I gain trust more readily and with ease and grace. It puts my clients at ease and they know i have the qualifications to give them a good service.
    I would highly recommend registering your services with IICT to anyone working in Metaphysics or Healing.

    Sandie Christopher Stargazer Avatar
    Sandie Christopher Stargazer
  • positive review I was so happy IICT approved the Integrative health practitioner institute as part of there modalities, very grateful to be apart of IICT, I look forward to learning more about IICT as I endeavour on my business journey and becoming apart of the community. It is also great to see such a range of modalities available which will suit me if I advance my skills in complementary therapies. Thankyou

    Joanna Daly Avatar
    Joanna Daly
  • positive review Thanks to IICT, i am so greatful for being a part and member of this community and association. They are really helpful, reliable and always there when you need advice or to ask questions. Strongly recommended for everyone! 😊🙏

    Huy Quach Avatar
    Huy Quach
  • positive review One of my first associations since qualifying in my short therapeutic massage course. Their customer service is easy to access. They are always pleasant, helpful and even go over and above offering some solid advice and information. When I first joined, it was great to know they were affiliated with a reputable insurance, offering good coverage, discounts and even legal advice. Made my start up so simple and stress free.

    Sophie Kortikis Avatar
    Sophie Kortikis

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