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Insurance for NZ Members

Aon Risk Solutions New Zealand introduces

a great insurance offering for IICT Members

Working closely with Aon, our recommended insurance partner, we’re proud to offer a product that specifically covers the Professional indemnity and Public liability risks faced by IICT members practicing in New Zealand.

Aon has negotiate competitive premiums for IICT members and has a dedicated specialist team experienced in the placement of professional liability insurance and associated risk management and claims support. Application for insurance is easy requiring completion of a short proposal form. We are also in the process of making it even easier through our on-line application process currently under development.

Professional Indemnity Insurance options of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 indemnity limit from $230* including General Public Liability

*based on $1,000,000 indemnity and nil animal connected modalities.

** The base insurance offer is for individual health practitioners only, and provides a combined Professional Indemnity, General Public and Statutory Liability policy. Optional extensions to add a business entity or include employees is also available and is outlined in the proposal application.

Why Aon?

No-one understands the risks of the health industry like Aon. They proudly help protect over 9,000 Allied Health Practitioners, and can cover over 1,000 modalities, they negotiate strongly with insurers to offer tailored professional indemnity insurance, at competitive prices. We are proud to partner with Aon.

Got Questions?

Contact the Aon Professional Risks Team: +64 4 819 4126 or email: nz.IICT@aon.com

Why has IICT chosen Aon as their members’ insurance provider?
IICT partnered with Aon New Zealand to negotiate and deliver a tailored and competitive insurance offer to our members. Unlike a direct insurer, Aon access many insurance companies and provide the most competitive insurance offer. Aon New Zealand has been arranging professional liability insurance to health professionals for over 40 years.
How do I take up the offer?

An application form is required and is available to download Once completed, return to Aon at nz.iict@aon.com where are representative will respond to confirm acceptance and pricing.

If you need any help just call Aon on +64 4 819 4126 or +64 4 819 4035

Who is the Insurer?

Vero Liability Insurance is a specialist liability Insurer and underwriter of medical malpractice Insurance. In accordance with the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010, Insurers receive a financial strength rating issued by Standard & Poors as follows:

A+ (good), issued by Standard & Poor’s.

Where am I covered?
This insurance policy apply to the insured modality undertaken within the territorial limits of New Zealand only.
What is included in the policy cover?

This insurance provides cover an individual health practitioner:

Options of $1,000,000 in respect of each and every claim and for all claims in the aggregate (the policy year) or $2,000,000 in respect of each and every claim and for all claims in the aggregate (the policy year)are available

This section of the cover involves a $500 excess, for each & every claim inclusive of cost & expenses.

Cover includes costs awarded against you as well as legal and other defence costs, whether the case against you is successful or not.


This section will cover legal costs and expenses incurred in the defence of any action or enquiry brought against you such as Medical Disciplinary Hearings, Committees of Enquiry, Courts Martial, ACC Enquiries, Privacy Complaints Tribunal, Coroners Courts and the like.

PUBLIC / GENERAL LIABILITY – Claims resulting from products or ownership/occupation of property connected to your business as a health practitioner.

STATUTORY LIABILITY – Fines or Penalties made against you by an authorised body that claims jurisdiction to investigate, sanction or discipline following a complaint or concern over your competency or conduct in connection with your performance as a health practitioner. (exclusion apply for reckless or deliberate conduct)

What happens if I have an insurance policy that renews later in the year?
You can apply for insurance at any time. The insurance will be for 12 months from the date the policy is put in place.
If I change insurers what happens if an issues arise from the past?

If you are currently insured then your will have a ‘retroactive date’ on your insurance policy. You will keep this date as it will be carried onto your new policy. All you need to do is provide us with evidence of your existing insurance, such as a copy of the policy schedule of insurance certificate (as long as it has the ‘retroactive date’ shown). By maintaining the retroactive date, you continue to be insured under the new policy for your past activities*

*excluding any claims you already know about and have or should have reported them to the previous insurer.

Do I have to pay for each modality?
No, the policy can include more than one modality and only one premium is payable, based on the higher premium where modalities fall into different pricing categories.
Is voluntary work covered?
Undertaking community or volunteer work is great way to be part of a community, but regardless of whether you are paid, it is still considered providing a professional service – if you are practising your modality. The great news is if you do any volunteer work at a charity or community event, in the form of the modality in which you are qualified, then you’re covered for claims. (anywhere in New Zealand)
What happens if I cancel my IICT membership?
You will need to advise Aon as you will be eligible for a different policy with different conditions and price.
Can I pay my policy monthly?
Aon offer monthly premium instalments. Call us on +64 4 819 4126 and we can set this up for you!
When do I receive my Certificate of Currency?
An Aon representative will finalise the insurance for you and make the necessary payment arrangements. Once you have paid for the insurance a certificate will be issued.
Am I covered to work as a mobile practitioner?
Our policies are mobile and follow you wherever you practice within New Zealand.
Do you provide short-term policies?
No, as Aon’s combined Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability Insurance is written on a claims-made basis, Aon is unable to offer short-term policies. If you are ceasing practice, you may be eligible for run-off cover to protect you from any claims that may arise after you retire. The free run-off cover is only available if the policy period (12 months) in which you cease practice is paid in full.
Are my employees covered?
No the base policy is just for you. If you employ staff or also trade under a company name you will need to include additional insurance options.
What happens at renewal time?
Aon contact you via email 2-4 weeks before the current policy expiry date. A fresh declaration to confirm contact details modality options is then completed by you and the premium paid for another 12 months.

*The 'Every Therapist Covered' Guarantee is available within 120 days of purchasing a IICT membership for newly approved members with qualifications that meet our minimum training qualification requirements and match our current list of approved modalities with IICT's recommended insurance brokers. * Insurance policies advertised are available through our recommended insurance brokers Aon Risk Australia and is additional to membership fees advertised. Student Membership is $39pa + GST for a total price of $42.90; Full Membership is $179pa + GST for a total price of $196.90; Executive Membership is $199pa + GST for a total price of $218.90. All prices listed on this website are effective from January 1st 2018. Membership plans purchased and set duration prior to this date, are subject to the pricing set at the time of purchase. Membership plans purchased and set duration prior to this date, are subject to the pricing set at the time of purchase. All discount coupons are valid for ‘one time use’ and cannot be redeemed for subsequent membership renewals or when re-joining IICT after a membership plan has expired. Only ATPs are eligible to use logos on training certificates.